Tellmands- Marks and Spencer’s Survey A to Z Complete Guide [2021]

Tellmands- Marks and Spencer’s Survey

Mark and Spencer are organizing Marks and Spencer’s Survey to collect customer’s feedback. They are providing a marvelous opportunity to win a £ 50 coupon code just by completing the Mark and Spencer’s Survey at

Are you curious? Then let’s talk about it in detail.

Mark and Spencer’s Survey is all about some question and answer round. You can grab the opportunity to win £ 50(55.15 Euros) without any hassle through this survey guide.

Through, you can get into the survey. Your feedback is vital for Marks and Spencer’s. Feedbacks collected in Tellmands will further be used to enhance the services. Do not let the opportunity expire. Get your receipts now and dive into the survey.

Here is the complete Table of content so that you can surf directly to your desired area without any problem.

About Marks and Spencer:

Marks and Spencer’s is a British retail company. This 136 years old multinational company specializes in selling food products, clothing items for men and women, and home products.

Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer established this company in 1884. Marks and Spencer have their headquarters in London. In today’s date, they have occupied almost 1463 locations. Out of the 800 stores are there in the UK.

In 1998 Mark and Spencer was the first retail company to make a dollar 1 billion pre-tax profit. Starting from a small business and now they are an international retail market. Indeed they have a brilliant success story to inspire.

Mark and Spencer’s Survey Questionnaire-

We are discussing the questions in this section. It will help you to solve this retail survey as fast as possible. We are putting down the questions below according to the order in the survey.

  • The very first question is about recommending M&S to others.
  • The next question is regarding the outlook of the store
  • Whether the store colleagues are humble and helpful to you
  • Purpose of Your visit to the store
  • Your overall satisfaction at the store
  • Product quality
  • Price of product according to its quality
  • How can M&S improve their services and products?
  • Frequency of visit to the store
  • Now the survey will ask questions about your bio-data.
  • Would you like to register an entry in the lucky draw?

Rewards of Tellmands – Marks and Spencer’s Survey

Once you complete the Survey in Tellmands, you get a chance to redeem one out of 10 £ 50 coupon code.

If you want to win more rewards, it is always recommended to participate in multiple surveys; you can get multiple surveys on our website

Note: The winner is solely responsible for paying tax. The prize amount is not transferable and non-returnable.

TELLMANDS Rules and Eligibility Criteria :

Here are some rules and eligibility criteria to participate in this survey-

  • Per house, only two entries for the survey are eligible in a week.
  • You must be a permanent resident of the UK or ROI to enter this survey.
  • Employees and their family members do not qualify for this survey.
  • The entry date must be between the first and last date of the month.
  • The entry must be through the official survey website or phone no.

Requirements for the survey:

A participant must have the following things ready before they take part in the tellmands survey

  • Participants must have one of the smart devices among Smartphones, laptops, or PC.
  • Participants Must have a stable Internet connection.
  • A recent sales receipt from the Marks and Spencer store is the requirement. If you do not have the receipt, then you can purchase something from the store.
  • 8-10 minutes of your valuable time to complete the survey

How to participate in

Via Phone:

Suppose you want to register your entry through phone, then dial- 0122 3790 369 for UK residents. Dial- 0148 541 79 if you are an ROI resident.

Via Online Mode:

To participate in Mark and Spencer’s Survey via an online visit to Now you can make your entry in the survey unlike Giant Eagle Store Survey.

For a detailed explanation, follow the below steps.

Step by Step Explanation:


  • Click on this link and go to the survey page.
  • Enter the date and time written on the receipt. Now enter Code A, B, C wrote on the sales receipt.
  • How likely will you recommend the M&S survey to others?
  • Have you noticed the store window and if they are inspiring?
  • Rate between strongly agree and disagree for the following questions:
  • Store colleagues were friendly and polite.
  • Store colleagues acknowledged you.
  • Store colleagues have put you before doing other tasks.
  • About which area you would like to give the feedback
  • What is the occasion of visiting M&S?
  • Did any of the colleagues make your experience special?
  • How much satisfaction is there with the food in M&S?
  • Rate the value for money for the food
  • What can we do to improve checkouts, service of colleagues?
  • Ease of finding the item what you are looking for
  • If any staff recommended any product and if you bought it
  • Do you know about the community services by Mark and Spencer?
  • How often do you visit the Mark and Spencer store?
  • Enter your credentials

How to redeem the Prize?

Each winner will receive £ 50 coupon code. Ten people will get the Prize.

  • The winner will get chosen at random from the entries
  • Winners will get notification through email or phone call within 15 days
  • The email or phone call will have all the instructions to collect the Prize
  • Winners must collect their Prize within 14 days of notification.
  • If the company is unable to connect the winner, another one will be selected.

My opinions regarding the survey

If you are a recent or regular customer of Mark and Spencer, then you can utilize this oppurtunity. Visit to participate in this survey. You can participate in the survey to encourage them for upgrading their services.

Why will you waste this fantastic chance of giving feedback to demonstrate your views about Tellmands.

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