Walgreen Survey- Complete Review [2021]

Walgreens is organizing a customer satisfaction survey known as Walgreen’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. It will giveaway on entering the survey $3000 coupon code to one lucky person through sweepstakes. Customers only need to take the Walgreen survey by following the correct steps. There is no need to make any kind of payment for this survey.

There are specific rules and eligibility criteria for this Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey will start on the 1st of every month with fresh entries. We are here to provide you full guidance to take this survey and successfully complete it. Just follow this guide and stay tuned up to the end of this guide.

What is Walgreen?

Walgreen company is one of the biggest stores – chains of Pharmacy located in the United States. Its headquarter is situated in Deerfield of Illinois in the USA. This company is especially known for its health products, prescription filling, health information. The parent company is Walgreen Boots Alliance. It has stores in 9277 locations along with online stores.

What is Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Walgreens is conducting this Walgreen Survey so that the company gets to know about the experiences of customers. They are mainly focusing on learning about the experience of the last time visit of the customers.

Walgreens customer satisfaction survey collects data about staff behaviour, quality of the product, environment, etc.

Are you thinking about diving into this survey? Are you ready to give your valuable feedback? Then we are providing you a complete survey guide.

Focused Topics in Walgreen Survey -www.walgreenlistens.com

Like Shaw’s Guest Satisfaction Survey, Walgreen Survey contains questions from the following topics:

  • Recent experience of the last visit to Walgreens store
  • Price of the product
  • Staff behaviour with the customer
  • Service speed
  • Hygiene of the environment
  • Problems or issues in the previous visit
  • Service quality and speed

Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey Rewards

There will be one grand winner in this survey. The winner can get a prize of a $3000 coupon code through sweepstakes in the form of a reward. The winner can claim the bounty on the next Walgreen visit. Individuals cannot transfer, exchange, or substitute the amount earned through Walgreen survey with anyone.

How can you participate in this survey?

Are you a customer of Walgreens drug store from 1st of a month to 30th of that month?

  • If yes, then you are ready to take the Walgreen survey.
  • You have to preserve the sales receipt of that visit. Does your sales receipt have an invitation for this survey and sweepstakes? If yes, then participate in this customer satisfaction survey.
  • If you have purchased something from the online store of Walgreen, then there will be no invitations.

Eligibility Criteria for this Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey

Every survey like Subaru Owners Survey has some eligibility criteria. There are a few rules and eligibility criteria for this survey, which are listed below:

  • Only legal residents of the United States of America and the United Kingdom are eligible to participate in Walgreen Survey.
  • Employees of Walgreen can not participate.
  • Participants must not be a relative or an immediate family member of an employee at Walgreen.
  • Participants must have basic knowledge of the English language.
  • Sponsors and their family members are also not eligible to enter or win the survey.
  • A customer must have to go through the survey within 7 days of visiting the Walgreen Store.
  • The winner must redeem the prize within 1 month. After that time, the bonus will get expired.
  • No user is allowed to resell, transfer or exchange the validation coupon code

Requirements for Walgreen Customer Satisfaction Survey

There are a few requirements for the Walgreen survey, which are listed below:

  1. User must have a stable internet connection while taking the survey
  2. The participant must have a PClaptop, or smartphone to take this survey.
  3. The user or participant must have a sales receipt from the Walgreen store with an invitation. (receipt must be recent 7 days old)
  4. User having a basic knowledge of Spanish or English language is eligible

A quick look through the process

  1. First login to this link(www.wagcares.com)
  2. Give the credentials required.
  3. Now click on the START button.
  4. Go through all the questions and give answers.
  5. You will get a coupon code to redeem that and win the prize.

The step by step guide to going through the Walgreen survey

The Walgreen survey begins at 12:00 AM on the 1st of every month and ends at 11:59 PM on the 30th of that month. Log in and complete the survey within this time.

Walgreen Survey

  1. Go to the login page or click here https://www.walgreenslistens.com/
  2. You have to enter the Password, survey number, and time of visit. You will get this in your sales receipt.
  3. Now click on START.
  4. The first question will be about the location of the Walgreen store you visited last time.
  5. The next step will be to give the rating to the visit. The rating has ranged from 0 to 5. You have to provide a rating from unsatisfied to highly satisfied.
  6. The next rating will be about the staff service.
  7. The following step will be about giving a rating to the service speed(how fast your product is packed).
  8. In this step, you have to give a rating to the service quality ranging between highly satisfied and dissatisfied.
  9. Now write down about any problem regarding any service. You can also list any issues, either it is small or big honestly.
  10. When you are done with all these steps, please submit your survey.
  11. The participant will receive a validation coupon. You can redeem this coupon when you visit the Walgreen store next time. (Within 30 days)

Now you have successfully completed the Walgreen survey.

Process of selecting the Winner of Walgreen survey

  • The winner is chosen randomly. An entry is drawn at random from the whole eligible entries. The lucky one whose access has been taken out is the winner of the coupon code.
  • Walgreen will especially contact the winner via telephone within 13-14 days. This call is required to check the address to mail the prize.
  • Failure regarding the prize’s delivery for any kind of reason within 7 days will lead to selecting another winner through that random method only.

How to Redeem your coupon?

After completing the Walgreens Customer Satisfaction Survey successfully and submitting it, you will get a validation code. Please note it down behind the Sales receipt(invitation).

You can visit the Walgreen store and redeem the coupon with the help of any stuff. One lucky winner of the sweepstakes will redeem that $3000 coupon code.

How to Get the Winner’s List of Walgreen survey?

If you want to get the winners list of the Walgreen survey, you need to mail an envelope labeled as self-addressed. The mailing address will be this — Nov 2020 Customer satisfaction sweepstakes, Dept- S8002, PO Box 4006, Grand Rapids, MN 55730-4006. They will mail the full winner list to your mailing address.

General Rules

  • For any inappropriate or wrong information, late, lost, misdirected, stolen information Sponsor is responsible. Suppose any participant fails to attempt or submit the survey due to the internet connection. In that case, it is solely the user’s responsibility.
  • Any type of misleading entry or fraud will immediately disqualify the user’s entry. No damage directly or indirectly to the website’s database will be tolerated.
  • Everyone who is participating and making eligible entries is bound to follow this set of rules. For more information, you can visit their site and read the full rules.

My Opinion on the Walgreen survey

If you are a regular customer of Walgreens, then you can try out this Walgreen survey. This survey’s advantage is that you just need to enter this by using the sales receipt; There is no need for extra payments, all, unlike other surveys.

Start the survey by visiting the official website >> Rate their services >> Submit the survey >> Win your prize

It is as easy as net surfing. You can go to the login page and take the survey as per your wish.

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Reference Links

Walgreen’s Survey link: www.walgreenslistens.com

Walgreen’s official website: www.walgreens.com

Our Website: www.mhowtosurvey.com

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