dnbsurvey- Dave and Buster’s Survey Complete Guide[2021]

Dave and Buster’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

The American restaurant and entertainment company Dave and Buster’s recently started a survey at www.dnbsurvey.com. This guest satisfaction survey aims to get some valuable feedback from the customers. The company will use this feedback to improve their services along with the products.

Dave and Buster’s has more than 137 stores all over the United States and Canada. Their business includes a wide range of products. So they need to get feedback.

If you are satisfied with the services of Dave and Buster’s, you can comment about that in www.dnbsurvey.com. This is a brilliant opportunity for every customer to mention their flaws and point out their mistakes.

If you are a regular customer or have recently visited any of the stores, participate in the survey. Participating in this survey can give you a chance to win a coupon code at the end.

About Dave and Buster’s

David Corrieveau and James Buster Corley founded this company in 1982 in Dallas. They are now working as co-CEOs of DAVE and BUSTER’S.

Dave and Buster’s is a perfect stop for entertainment. It offers food and drinks to entertainment through sports and video games.

D&B restaurants have a facility of food from Lunch to midnight. They also take orders for parties and events. Dave and Buster’s bars are fully operational. From time to time, they update their menu items to stay with the trend.

Dave and Buster’s Video game arcade is the ultimate fun hub for people coming to their restaurant. They have noticed that people need some relaxation after a hectic day. With the video game arcade opening, customers from restaurants come and enjoy playing games after meals.

They replaced the old method of playing games with coins with debit cards. This step changed the whole scenario by reducing the technical glitches.

D&B give sponsorships for some of the championship organizers. Dave and Buster’s sponsors the fundraiser for Dave Bevan’s Children. One of the major sponsorships of D&B was a match of WWE 2009. The match was held on July 20, 2009, and streamed on a local channel in the USA.

www.dnbsurvey.com-Dave and Buster’s Survey Questionnaire:

Unlike surveys for e.g. kfclistens- KFC Canada Survey, this food survey at www.dnbsurvey.com contains a question from the following topics:

  • Behaviors of the restaurant representative
  • Experience of your visit
  • Your age, gender, and other credentials
  • Food quality at the restaurant
  • Value for the price at the restaurant
  • Experience at the gaming hub
  • Information regarding the gaming hub from the employees

Requirements for Dave and Buster’s Guest Satisfaction Survey- dnbsurvey:

Here is a list of all the equipment required for this dnbsurvey:

  • stable internet connection
  • To participate in this guest satisfaction, you must have a Smartphone, PC, or Laptop. The device which you are going to use must connect with an internet connection.
  • You must have some basic knowledge of English as the survey is in the English language.
  • The user must have a recent sales receipt of the Dave and Buster’s store. If you do not have a sales receipt, you can visit the nearest Dave and Buster’s store. Buy some food or play games to get a receipt.

Step by Step instruction to participate in www.dnbsurvey.com:


  • The first step is to click on this link(www.dnbsurvey.com) and go to the survey page.
  • Hold the receipt of Dave and Buster’s store and put it in front of you.
  • Now enter the 17 digit id in the box. You will find the id on your receipt. You should not give any comma, dash, or spaces between the digits.
  • Click on the button Next.
  • Now you must fill in the date of your visit to the store. The date is on the power card’s backside (only if the customer is a power card rewards).
  • First-rate your experience of the latest visit in the range of Excellent to poor
  • Now you will rate the experience with representatives of special event planning. Rate the understanding level of the representative.
  • Checkmark the round boxes to rate the helping behavior of the staff.
  • This survey will ask you if the staff have clearly explained to you the usage of power cards. They will also ask if the representative helped you to make buffet choices and order selection. Answer them with Yes or NO.
  • Now rate different services like dining, beverage, manager assistance, room setup.
  • The next question will be about the quality and quantity of the food and beverages served to you.
  • Next, explain the points with which you are unsatisfied.
  • Now it’s time to rate the gaming experience at the store. Rate them in the range of excellent to poor
  • The next question is do you want to host another event in Dave and Buster’s. Answer the question regarding your experience.
  • Rate the value for money in Dave and Buster’s only at www.dnbsurvey.com.
  • Explain the type of event you are hosting and how many times you would like to visit D&B without any event.
  • Now customers got a chance to explain their satisfaction level during the recent visit to the store.
  • The last step is asking the participant to either comment to improve their service or else continue without any comment.
  • Put down your email in the box to get a coupon code in the form of an email.
  • The participant is now eligible for a coupon code at the end of this guest satisfaction survey.

How to collect your reward?

Write down the coupon code as shown on your screen after submitting the survey. Next time when you visit the restaurant you can collect the reward. Just show it to the employees at the store and then collect it. You can get a free appetizer on completing the survey.

My Opinion on Dave and Buster’s Guest Satisfaction Survey

A regular customer or a recent customer must take this survey. There is no need to purchase any coupon to participate in www.dnbsurvey.com. So there is no need to spend extra money.

If you have a recent sales receipt with the 17 digit id, then you can easily access this survey. You can win a coupon which you can use later in the store for some discount.

Do you have any queries or confusion about the steps mentioned above? Feel free to comment on your questions. I will answer them for you.

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Reference link:

Guest satisfaction survey: http://www.dnbsurvey.com/

Dave and Buster’s official website: https://www.daveandbusters.com/

Our Website Link: www.mhowtosurvey.com

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