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American’s second-largest sandwich restaurant Arby’s, is welcoming customer reviews. They are carrying out this Arby’s survey to acknowledge their customer’s views about their service. They analyze and read the reports obtained from the surveys. After that, they improve the weaker section of their services.

Arby’s Survey is all about a 6-7 min question-answer round. You can answer those questions honestly and get a chance to enter sweepstakes. Winner can redeem $1000 validation code daily just by answering a few questions.

Nowadays, there are not many companies who want to know about their customer’s views. Most of the companies are afraid of failing customer needs and satisfaction. But Arby’s is way different from them. Arby’s is constantly working to meet customer’s demands.

A customer experience survey is a way to upgrade the business and expand their market. The reports obtained will further be used to grow the business.

About Arby’s

It is the second-largest and fastest-growing sandwich restaurant chain in the USA. It is spread over six countries other than the USA. It has a total of 3472 outlets.

This fast-food restaurant chain was established in 1964 by Boardman, Ohio, and Leroy Raffel. The parent company of Arby’s is actually Inspire Brands. Arby’s has its headquarter in Georgia.

Arby’s is famous for its beef in cheddar Sandwich and classic roasted beef. But other than beef, it has Greek Gyros, Jamocha Shakes, Deli-style Sandwiches. Sandwiches have toppings like honey mustard. The “Market fresh Sandwiches have ingredients like red onion rings, green lettuce leaf, mayonnaise, etc.

Arby’s always try to improve their menu items. Other than fast foods, it provides you with salads and beverages.

Rewards of Arby’s Survey (arbyswemakeitright)

When you complete the survey successfully at, you are eligible for sweepstakes $1000 redeem code and $1500 redeem code. But only onw winner will be selected for the prize. It is a great opportunity for Arby’s Customers to give feedback through Arby’s Survey.

The rules, eligibility criteria, along with a step by step guide, are provided below; check it to complete the survey successfully.

Arby’s Survey ( Arby’s Guest Experience Survey) Questions

Unlike KFC Guest Satisfaction Survey Arby’s Survey also contains few questions. The Guest Experience Survey hosted by Arby’s Contains questions from the following topics:

  • Your overall experience at Arby’s.
  • Cleanliness of Arby
  • The behavior of the staff present.
  • Your visit type.
  • The ease of placing and getting the order.
  • The temperature and the portion of food.
  • The checkout lane.
  • Problems faced in Arby’s.
  • Varieties of food present.
  • Taste of food.

Rules and eligibility criteria of Arby’s Survey

There are a few rules of Arby’s Survey, which are listed down below.

  • Customers who are legal residents of the United States Of America are only allowed to participate in Arby’s Survey.
  • The Employees and their family members, Agents, Sponsors are not allowed to participate in the Arby’s Guest Experience Survey .
  • Reselling or transmitting the coupon code is strictly prohibited.
  • Purchasing more and more products will not increase your chances of winning.

Requirements of Arby’s Guest Experience Survey

There are a few requirements for this survey, which is listed below:

  1. The only to participate in this survey is through So you need to have a Laptop, PC, or Smartphone with a reliable internet connection to participate in this survey.
  2. Arby’s Guest Experience Survey  is available in both English and Spanish. You must have a proper grip on any of these languages.
  3. You need to have a recent receipt from Arby’s to enter the survey. If you don’t have one, you can get one by purchasing any product from your nearest outlet of Arby’s.
  4. A valid E-mail address is required to complete the survey.

A step by step guide to complete Arby’s Survey (Arby’s Guest Experience Survey) Successfully

First, grab the receipt that contains all the details required to enter the survey. Following are the steps to go through Arby’s Survey just like Mcalister’s Deli Survey

Arby's Survey

  • Go to the survey page >>>
  • Now select the language in which you want to take the survey. (Spanish or English)
  • Now you have to enter five things. The first one is the Restaurant number written at the top of the receipt. The next entries are about the Date and time of visit, the amount spent, and type of visit.
  • Now select among the options about the mode of placing an order.
  • Type the check number in the box. You will find it on the receipt.
  • Rate your experience at Arby’s.
  • The survey will now ask about recommending Arby’s to your friends. Answer it honestly.
  • Now select among Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree for the following questions.
  • Answer Yes or No about the interaction with the staff members
  • In the next box, you can briefly explain your experience.
  • Select the aim behind your visit to the restaurant
  • Select your gender and age from the options.
  • In the next few steps, there will be questions about the items you ordered in the restaurant. Rate their quality, quantity, and also answer other questions about it.
  • Now there will be questions about Beverages. Answer them according to your experience
  • Select correct answers about the dessert you have ordered.
  • After answering all of this, you will see a pop-up. The user is going to take a short survey, which will lead him/her to win an $400 Amazon gift card .
  • Suppose you want to take the survey click Yes. If you are not willing to participate, press No, thanks.
  • This short survey will be about the meal you order. Answer accordingly. Here the questions will be about the taste, freshness, quality, uniqueness of that item.
  • The last few steps will ask you about your next visit to the restaurant.
  • At last, you have to enter the email address, mobile number, zip code, and birthdate.
  • Next select Yes or no for joining the In Moment Panel community. Here you also have to enter your credentials.
  • If you are an instant winner, you will be informed at that moment.
  • If you are not an instant winner, do not get upset. This is because you are still eligible for daily prizes from sweepstakes.

How to Collect the Reward?

After Successful completion of the survey, a validation code will appear on the screen. Write down this code on the receipt. When you next time visits the store, you can redeem it.

My Opinion regarding Arby’s Guest Experience Survey

This customer feedback process is a way to know their customers more and more. In this way they can improve the weaker sections, along with this, customers are eligible for sweepstakes prizes.

It is a food survey just which is having exciting prizes. In other food surveys like Applebee’s  Survey you can win $100 gift card. These surveys(Sweet Tomatoes Survey) are easy to win and user friendly. 

If you are a recent customer than it is a good chance to give your valuable opinion in Arby’s Survey.

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