About Us

M How To Survey is the ultimate guide to online surveys!


My name is Manas, and my job is to provide the most convenient way to solve a survey.

M How To Survey provides information about trending surveys and also provide the convenient method to complete the survey.

It has always been a dream to help people and to add value to their life. And the only way to do that was M How To Survey.

As a customer, you shop in different stores, and there is no way to give your feedback and Opinion to the company. And guess what?

Surveys are the best way to gather feedback and views from the customers. But the truth is, many people are unaware of the surveys. Most of the companies host-guest experience surveys to collect feedback from their esteemed customers.

M How To Survey gets the details of different surveys and presents them quickly and conveniently. Our detailed guide and the step by step video helps people to complete the survey at ease.

Not only that! Once you complete a survey, you are reserving your spot for the rewards. Companies offer many rewards like validation code, gift card, coupon code, cash prize, etc., for giving valuable feedback.

All the members at M How To Survey works day and night to find out the best possible ways to solve a survey without any problems.

M How To Survey is an independent website, meaning we are not connected to any company. We gather information, solve the survey, and present it to the audience.

We divide each survey into a few parts:

  • About the Survey
  • About the company
  • Rewards of the survey
  • Rules and Eligibility Criteria
  • Requirements
  • Step by Step Guide
  • Video guide
  • Redeem the reward
  • My Opinion on the survey

Well, that’s how we present every survey. And it has always been a pleasure to assist people in solving the surveys. And the whole M How To Survey team is proud of their work.

We are not responsible for fraud and money loss, though we try our best to provide information and guidance about genuine surveys only.

Well, that’s all about M How To Survey!